Webmaster –

Duties of the Webmaster include:

  • Maintain the Domain / Hosting www.WC4WD.com.
  • Maintain a list of all Domain / Hosting accounts and passwords. This list shall be communicated to the Secretary and President for emergency backup.
  • In coordination with the Treasurer shall ensure payments for Hosting and Registration are made in a timely manner, and budgeted for the next year.
  • Maintain and upgrade software and privacy policy as necessary.
  • Maintain security for website to ensure site remains unaffected by virus, spam bots, etc.
  • Update schedules of events and “Sticky” information to be current.
  • Act as Moderator to ensure WC4WD professional image is maintained in accordance with the following principles.
  • Shall be unbiased and impartial.
  • Use Tread lightly!® principles primarily with due regard to posting of pictures.
  • Grant permissions as deemed necessary.
  • Ensure information is updated in a timely manner.
  • The Marketing Chair can appoint additional Moderators as deemed necessary to monitor website in a timely manner.

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