How we got here.

The state of Wisconsin was fortunate to have 2 associations representing Off Highway recreationalists, one focused on 4 Wheel Drive Clubs and one focused on individuals who enjoy all forms of Off Highway Vehicle recreation, later focusing primarily on 4WD Vehicles.  The Wisconsin 4 Wheel Drive Association (W4WDA) and the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association (WOHVA), respectfully.

Sometime in 2016 both associations began having discussions on partnering together.  This partnership started with having their annual conventions held in the same venue.  This allowed the membership of both associations to share information.  Things have really progressed from there.

In 2019 membership from both associations attended a workshop facilitated by the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) on challenges facing the 4WD community, as well as commonalities and differences between the associations.  Following this workshop the membership from both associations worked to develop what is now the Wisconsin Coalition of Four Wheel Drives (WC4WD).

The History of W4WDA

By Luana Schneider (W4WDA)

The possibility of a Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Association (W4WDA) was considered in late 1976 and became a reality in 1977 with the main purpose of stopping land closures for Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles on public lands and establishing legislation for establishing trails, etc. for 4WD vehicles.

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The History of WOHVA

By Tim Duenkel (WOHVA CEO)

In the spring of 2004 a group of 4 Wheel Drive enthusiasts began the brainstorming process of developing a new state level association.  This new association was primarily focused on 4WD vehicles but also wanted to involve all forms of off road recreationalists.

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