Individual / Family Membership

WC4WD believes in family and when you join as a member so does your family. Along with your spouse, children 17 years of age and under can be included! The Individual/Family Membership is an annual membership which begins on the day you subscribe. This membership can be renewed each year through an email reminder automatically delivered to the email address listed on your profile.

Individual / Family Membership Benefits:

  • $35 per Year Renewable on Application Date
  • Ability to participate in all WC4WD events
  • Access to all communication and updates from WC4WD Leadership and Board of Directors
  • Your 4WD voice will have Legislation Representation through WC4WD Leadership
  • By joining you are getting involved in our mission – Education, Legislation and Recreation! Together with all our amazing members, your participation makes a huge difference. Where available and if interested, through membership you gain the ability to join committees, trail building activities, educational events, trail ride adventures and a host of other volunteerism efforts. Together we make the difference!